Instant Blizzard
Instant Blizzard

Instant Blizzard

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Instant Blizzard makes about 2 cups of cool, snow-like stuff with volume swell and water absorbing properties. Snow poser is packaged in a test tube in a peek-a-boo box. Magic snow-like stuff for yetis and chilly chemists!

The Instant Winter Snow is quite like a winter wonderland while pondering puffy polymers, our abominably cool Instant Winter Snow is just the phenomenally faux snow for you!

  • Just add water to this mixture and you'll instantly create your own yeti habitat.
  • It makes two cups of cool snow-like stuff with interesting water absorbing properties, to satisfy the science nerd inside of you.

A legendary gift for snow obsessed friends! Perfect size for a stocking stuffer too! 

Made in the USA. *Instant Winter Snow does not come with enough snow to cancel school.