Kiddo Silly Buddy Pacifier Holder

Kiddo Silly Buddy Pacifier Holder

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Everybody needs a buddy! Here’s a ewe you’ll adore for his sweet, silly side.

The Kiddo Silly Buddy is a fuzzy, furry lamb whose playful embroidered face smiles from atop a cozy warm-white velour body. Kiddo’s long, huggable arms and legs are ever-so-lightly stuffed, making them easy for baby to grasp and so comforting to hold onto.

Ten inches long from ears to toes, Kiddo Silly Buddy is the perfect size for a traveling companion. His left arm features a Velcro-loop closure to keep Kiddo safely attached to pacifier, stroller, crib or car seat. This silly buddy wants to be with you wherever you go!

Size: 10” 

Machine wash cold, tumble dry low. 100% Polyester.