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Timeless and trendy baby girl clothes

Classic Southern styles and the newest fashions! Posh Tots carries all of your favorite luxury, upscale, and designer baby girl and newborn clothes. Keep your little lady looking classy for all of life’s first discoveries and shop now for baby girl clothes from our boutique.


Since the youngest ladies still curl up in the fetal position for their first 2 - 3 months, it’s important to make sure they have room to do so in their designer newborn and baby girl clothes. The Pintuck Dots Girl Daygown is a great choice for that. Plus, its high quality allows you to keep using it for formal occasions over her entire first year.

As she starts to move around, it’s time to switch her into trendy baby girl clothes like dresses and bubbles. The multicolor hearts on the Frances Bubble from Pink Chicken make it so sweet you’ll never want to take it off of her!

Young Ladies

As girls start walking, they need outfits that move with them. Our baby girl clothes boutique has what you’re looking for, and our options are functional and sweet at any age!

For instance, the Daisy Baby Ruffle Dress & Legging Set from Angel Dear, which may be classic autumn-themed in its color scheme, flaunts a floral print and matching leggings that will still be adorable at any time of year.

The Print Mix Dress - Mercado from Tea Collection is a perfect example of trendy baby girl clothes with its stylish solid-colored top, but the veggie-print skirt means it’s still fun enough to be appropriate for regular play.

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