Posh Tots Points!

Posh Perks are a huge reward system we offer our customers & if you are not signed up, I definitely encourage you to! You earn gift cards as you shop, and you also have a link you can send friends! If they use your link and are first time customers, you will earn perks as well!
Some FAQ about our points system here:
1. You will start earning Posh Points going forward once you set up your account! It doesn’t work retroactively. You have to go to our website and set up an account, you are not just automatically enrolled!!
2. IMPORTANT** To make sure you are getting your points in store & online, give your email while you are shopping in store (instead of phone number) just so we can make sure they are going all to the same account!
3. To see your points you have to go to that little green shopping cart button in the bottom right of the computer.
4. The gift cards you receive from your points (200 points = $10 gift card) cannot be combined with any other discount codes.
5. Only you can redeem your points for the gift card code, & you must have this code to be able to use it online or in store. We are unable to retrieve your points or redeemable codes for you. 
6. Posh points cannot be combined with another sales codes.