Jefferies Socks


Is there anything more classic for little girls than eyelet socks during back-to-school season? In many ways, they’re as much of a tradition as buying new school supplies and choosing a new lunchbox for the new school year. Yet, you may be surprised that Jefferies eyelet socks are far more functional than simply schoolwear attire. In fact, Jefferies is the perfect choice for everyday wear, no matter the occasion.

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What Are Jefferies Socks?

For over 80 years, Jefferies Socks have been producing their ever-popular eyelet lace trimmed socks they’re so famous for. At the same time, they’ve also produced a remarkable number of other types of socks and tights as well. Each pair of footwear produced by Jefferies is made to last, and they run the gamut from fashionable socks to classic everyday wear.

From baby to bigger kids, Jefferies has the sizes you need to keep your children’s feet warm, dry, and (of course) fashionable. At Posh Tots, we carry a wide variety of sizes and styles, including ankle socks, booties, knee highs, and tights.

Buy Jefferies Eyelet Socks From Posh Tots

At Posh Tots, we carry a number of boutique children’s clothing brands, including Jefferies Socks. Each line we carry has been deliberately chosen to deliver the highest in quality and functionality...all at a reasonable price. Whether you shop in one of our two brick and mortar locations in Augusta or you browse our stock online (with free shipping over $75!), we know you’ll find exactly what you need for your precious little one. If you can’t find it, contact us and we’ll be glad to help you find the perfect pieces.