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Children may be the future, but they still look great in old fashioned outfits. From posh vintage dresses to timeless overalls, if you’re looking to dress your little one in the best high quality, classic styles from a company that pays attention to detail, you won’t do any better than this collection.

With options for newborn girls and boys, your kids can experience a blast from the past while still keeping modern comfort and freedom of movement. Shop Sophie and Lucas for your child to stay classy with the perfect clothes for formal events, playtime, or anything in between!

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Posh Vintage Dresses

We might be well past the 1950s, but your baby doesn’t have to look like it with sharp-collared bubbles and blouses. Or you can go even further back in time with flowing, ruffle dresses for girls and longalls for boys. No matter what decade sparks your imagination, you can find a style close to it from Sophie and Lucas.

Old fashioned styles don’t have to mean rough fabrics and limited movement, though. Your child can have the fashion of the old days with the comfort of the current ones by shopping this collection rather than buying actual old clothes.

Vintage Customer Care, Too

From a baby’s head to toe, Posh Tots has it all. We’re the experts in classic Southern style, which is why we’ve rounded up all of your favorite luxury children’s brands and have a wide selection of items from them. No matter what it is you need, we have what you’re looking for. Don’t waste time trying to find everything - just shop at Posh Tots! We’ve got you covered.

Ordering everything you need from us gets even better with free USPS First Class shipping on orders over $75, and $5 flat-rate Priority Mail shipping on all others. And we have a top-notch customer service team, so if you ever have any questions, contact us and we’ll be happy to help.