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We knew we had to be Kickee Pants retailers when we saw that the company was founded by a woman who truly gets what it means to be a mother. Kickee Pants baby clothes are all designed to be soft and fun. The styles are adorable for parents, while still offering comfort and a full range of movement for kids.

They’re meant to help extend the innocence and joy of childhood for as long as possible, protecting children from the realities of adulthood at least a little bit through their thoughtful designs. Get that for your child as well by shopping the collection at Posh Tots, premiere Kickee Pants retailers.

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Kickee Pants Baby Clothes

Whether you’re shopping for boys or girls, infants or toddlers, you can find great clothes at Kickee Pants. They offer everything from rompers and dresses to accessories like blankets and aprons, and, of course, pants of all kinds.

Their designs are whimsical and fun, enjoyable for both adults and the kids who are wearing them. They’re created to be a buffer from the distractions that engage children in the adult world, encouraging their imaginations, and helping them be kids for as long as possible. Plus, they’re absolutely adorable.

Kickee Pants Retailers

Shopping at Posh Tots is unbelievably easy because we always have exactly what you’re looking for. As the experts in classic Southern style, we make it a point to always stock a wide selection from all of your favorite children’s luxury clothing brands.

And when you find what you need, we also make it easy for you to get it. Orders that are over $75 always receive free USPS First Class shipping, and all other orders get $5 flat rate shipping. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to our top-quality customer service team anytime.