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Livie and Luca shoes are colorful, comfortable, and fun! It’s hard to get kids to want to wear shoes, but these will be a hit with the boy or girl in your life every time. The insides are designed to promote healthy foot development and keep the wearers supported. The outsides are designed to be whimsical and attractive with any outfit. When you get them for a kid, it’s very hard to go wrong.

Shop Livie and Luca at Posh Tots today. No matter what kind of shoes you need, or what kind of child you need them for, this collection is guaranteed to have the perfect pair for you.

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Healthy and Sustainable

Livie and Luca shoes are designed to be two things most of all: supportive of healthy foot development, and environmentally friendly and sustainable. They’re designed to help children, whether it’s by giving them comfortable and stylish shoes or helping to shape a world that they can thrive in as adults.

Livie and Luca designs all feel so personal because that’s exactly what and who they are. The whole company is here to be part of the village that supports your children. They just happen to do it, literally, from the ground up.

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